Tuesday, 17 February 2009


Welcome to my new blog. What an incredible world we live in that a man condemned to death can still have his voice heard around the world through the internet. Some of you now reading this are old friends who have faithfully stood by me through the many years while others might be but strangers passing through the night. But no matter as I welcome all of you equally and hope that you will want to come back again and again, and share my journey with me.

My name is Michael Lambrix and for about 25 years now I have been condemned to death in the State of Florida. I am but one of the many though who have been not simply sentenced to death by the hands of a corrupt judicial system, but condemned to a fate even worse than death – condemned to over a quarter of a century of continuously “living” and slowly dying in solitary confinement as the world outside slips further and further away each day.

It would be only too easy to act with indifference to my claim that I have been wrongfully convicted and condemned to death – that I am innocent of the crime that had sent me here. But can any of us any longer deny the fact that too many have been already proven innocent and released after spending sometimes many decades on death row for a crime they were innocent of? And with so many already proven innocent and released, doesn’t it stand to reason that there are many more still suffering the ultimate injustice – convicted and condemned to death in spite of innocence?

Recently my entire case has been put on the internet for all to see.. Not just what I claim happened, but both sides. As far as I know, this has never been done before. So, for the first time ever, anyone in the world with access to internet can now look at the entire case themselves – the entire actual trial transcripts, the entire appeals briefs and court decisions, everything – then play the part of the jury and decide for themselves…am I innocent or not? I hope that all of you will take a look at that website at http://www.southerninjustice.net/

This blog is not necessarily about me. Rather, it is intended to be about the bigger picture – allowing the average person an insight into this world we call “death row”.Through regular posting blogs, I want to talk about things that are relevant to the entire death row experience as I believe that people out there need to be able to see within these walls and understand our unique perspective. I hope to provoke something within each of you so that you can come to see all of us not as a condemned man, but simply as a man no different from you.

In future posts I will attempt to discuss issues of mutual importance to all of us – but from my unique perspective as a condemned man living under the gun. I want to bare my soul to you, the reader – to share with you the sources of my hopes as well as my frustrations.

A lot of what I will write will be about our “justice” system and the forces of evil that have so thoroughly corrupted “justice” in America. This is the Beast that I must battle very day in my desperate struggle to stay alive; a beast without compassion or conscience that all but too willingly will take the life of these least able to defend themselves against it’s malicious wrath. I am the proverbial David against a mighty Goliath and the sting of both cold steel and cold stone has fallen unmercilessly upon me. Too often I feel all but overwhelmed as I stand against these formidable forces that seek to unjustifiably take my life. But my strength comes from the friends I have been blessed with along this solitary journey, those who even in my own moments of weakness have generously lifted me up with their own strength - and sacrifice.In upcoming posts I will talk about my world – of a world in which I am not able to live or die, but only exist knowing that as the days become months, and the months become years and the years become decades the greatest injustice that is being so methodically perpetuated against me is that my entire life is being forever lost one eternal day at a time. Like Jonah being swallowed alive by a great whale (Bible, Jonah 1:15-17) I too have been swallowed alive by an evil beast and condemned to live – and slowly die within the very bowels of that inhumane beast.

In coming posts I will talk about my world and the Beast that I must fight and I invite all of you to share this journey with me. Much of what I will write will be in the form of essays on a particular point, such as those that are permanently posted on my website http://www.doinglifeondeathrow.net/ I would ask that you tell others of this blog and invite them to also share in this journey and that all of you will return weekly. For a new submission. Please also check out that website about my case (http://www.southerninjustice.com/ ) and invite your friends to also check it out, make it a group project where all of you can play the part of the jury.Thank you for sharing this experience with me and I look forward to now sharing my journey with each of you.

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  1. Hi Michael, UK reader of your blog. When's the petition going to be available? I'm writing to Rick Scott appealing for clemency, but a petition would be good. Good luck, and best wishes, Tim.

    1. Hi Tim. when the petition becomes available, and that should be soon, I will post it on Mike's blogs. Thank for all your help - Geesje